An alumni of the London School of Economics with a Master’s in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Bilal Bin Saqib is the Founder of, an NGO working to ease the accessibility, storage and transportation of clean water for vulnerable communities across Pakistan. His passion project was lauded and featured by Forbes in their 30 Under 30 list for Asia 2020.

One Million Meals, another initiative he co-founded, worked to serve free meals to frontline NHS staff and other key-workers fighting COVID-19 across the UK, which led to recognition from the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the form of the Points of Light Award. While his leadership skills were commended in roles as a Postgraduate Officer and Trustee of the Students’ Union at LSE, Bilal’s academic and extracurricular achievements were further lauded upon receiving the ‘’Most Commendable Master’s Student of the Year’’ award for 2019. Alongside social and academic achievements, Bilal went onto become the CEO of the digital marketing agency BBS & Co, a consultant, and a motivational speaker. Being a student of life who proudly claims to be a product of his failures, Bilal envisions an educated and empowered youth with a growth mindset. He believes that there is unimaginable potential in the youth of Pakistan and is focusing on unlocking it through content, speaker sessions, collaborations and mentorship.